About 30 Day Challenge


Specifically Designed to Let You:

  • Burn Body Fat
  • Sculpt Muscle
  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Learn a Healthy Lifestyle

The 30 Day Challenge is a program to create the best “YOU” from the inside out. Fitness and nutrition are foundational for your transformation. As you go through the next 30 days, we will help you find ways to change not only your physical appearance but also the way you feel. Thousands of members have seen their overall wellbeing improve by living a fit, healthy and inspired lifestyle. The fit life is the best life!

Get ready – your life is about to change!

1- 52weeks

Two 30 day workout challenge programs customized for either novice or intermediate/advanced levels that maximize fat loss and muscle growth. All daily workouts can be done at home and only require dumbbells!

2 - Excercise-Video-Guide

A detailed instruction video link from each exercise with 3 instructive tips will show you how to perfect each movement to get the maximum benefit from your workouts.

3 - 30-Day-Nutrition-Plan

Our comprehensive nutritional plan with a daily plan, including preparation tips, plus a weekly sample diet will help set you up for dietary success. The sample diet details which foods to eat and why, giving you the tools you need to make smart food choices moving forward.

4 - Nutrition-and-Training-E-Book

The CSatt custom fitness e-book provides information on how you can most effectively turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine, with easy practical “lifestyle” applications.


Get pumped with motivational messages and videos from Cody Sattler on how to face [mental & physical] challenges while implementing positive changes through health & fitness.

6 - Live-Support-Guidance

Get your questions answered live every Sunday night by Cody Sattler in a 60 minute SpreeCast hosted by Cody Sattler!

7 - Private-Online-Facebook-Group

Join our active support community “The Fit Fam” of over 5,000 Fit Fam members to support and share stories of personal fitness journeys.



Much of your fitness success is determined on following the workout plans which might leave you feeling sore. Included in the 30 Day Challenge is a mobility and recovery guide. This guide is correlated to all of your workouts for all 30 days! This helpful guide breaks down what short warm up exercises and routines will decrease your risk for injury and what stretching and self massage will increase your results and decrease your soreness!


Remember this is a fitness challenge! At the end of the 30 days you will submit your before and after photos to enter to win $6,000 in prizes. CSatt fitness then picks the top 10 and the winners are voted (1 vote per person) on by the current and previous 30 Day Challenge participants on the private “Fit Fam” Facebook group. The winner gets $5,000 and second place receives $1,000.